About Wyson

Wyson Chan is the founder and chief trainer of Academy of Destiny Science based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which specialized in conducting courses and seminars on one of the most amazing and greatest Chinese metaphysics knowledge – Zi Wei Dou Shu and Zi Wei Feng Shui.

With years of researching in depth study in Chinese metaphysics, Wyson Chan started his development in the great five elements theory and published book and is known to innovate formulas to explore the structure of destiny. However, it was when he chanced upon a meeting with his would be mentor, Grandmaster Ng Choon Phong, who passed on all his knowledge on the essentials of Four Enhancers Flying Stars Zi Wei Dou Shu to him that made him realize his true calling.


Wyson said ……………

I was very impressed with the well structured syllabus and its accuracy and detailing descriptions of a person’s past events and incidents. Prior to this, I can never imagine that a Chinese metaphysics destiny science can go as far and deep as what I experienced with this knowledge. Most subjects in the market gives general interpretation and more alike story telling where this lineage gives a shock impact to me”

Wyson Chan came from entrepreneurship background and involved in the corporate world for over a decade. From the period from year 1996 – 2009, Wyson Chan has successfully establish his career kingdom and manages more than 100 employees in his own company. Within this period, Wyson Chan has experienced dramatic successes and glamorous. However, those times did not last. In a sudden incident, Wyson’s company went into crisis and he has to face a consequence that all entrepreneurs will descript it as “tragedy” where his company was forced to cease operations. Initially, he found it difficult to fathom that the force which propelled him to the peaks of success was also the same force that led him to hit rock bottom.

From then, Wyson Chan has a strong determination to unveil the truth behind this mystery force. In an accidental event, he has get to know Zi Wei Dou Shu. It was being described as one of his most fortunate event in his life that this knowledge has completely unveiled the truth of his destiny and given him a clear picture on the cruelty of his destiny. Soon, he realized that despite the amount of effort he has spent in past years, knowing the path of his own destiny is one of the key point that determine the final outcome of his dream.

With the experiences he gained from the business and corporate world, in particularly his touch and feelings when he encounter the severe fall in his entrepreneur’s life, he experience when a person is at peak success and in contrast, the painful times when at rock bottom. These has given Wyson an eventful life experiences and through Zi Wei Dou Shu, Wyson has now selected a suitable path for him and it is amazing to learn that, Wyson is living happily and enjoying to pass on the orthodox knowledge to more people from all around the world.

Wyson Chan has now dedicated himself to the academic field and is passionate to share his experiences and knowledge in Chinese metaphysics especially in the true calling of destiny science and feng shui theory, despite that there were too much of superstition and false philosophies that being practiced in the metaphysics industry. Wyson is a well known educator as well as a trainer in flying stars four enhancers Zi Wei Dou Shu in international market as he could be the pioneer that introduces this subject to the world in an international language. Wyson has students and learners from all over the world seeking to understand the orthodox and true way of destiny science and feng shui study.

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