Over thousands of years, the art of Chinese Metaphysics has been passed on from one generation to another through the discipleship system. A master will accept disciples and pass on his wisdom and knowledge on the subject as well as the behaviors and code of conduct of disciples.

The discipleship system prohibits outsiders from learning about the subject as the Chinese believe that the essence of the metaphysics knowledge shall only be passed on to selected and adept candidates.

However, with the resources of information technology in modern days as well as changes in attitudes on learning and exploring of the mind, the discipleship system is no longer practiced.

Thus, Academy of Destiny Science has established a systematic and structured learning program to unveil the mystery of the art and offer students a proper environment to master the complex knowledge through audio and visual aids.

Courses are comprehensive to beginners as the syllabus is designed to enable students to master the knowledge through a few modules to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching method.

Courses are conducted in small classes to ensure personal attention and all syllabus is programmed with a step by step method to focus on personal development and understanding of the theoretical aspects of the knowledge.

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Why choose Academy of Destiny Science?

  •  NO superstitious and not associated to any religion
  •  NO selling of products
  •  Orthodox philosophies and theories
  •  Case studies provided by students
  •  Structured and organized syllabus with modern audio visual aid learning program
  •  Proven testimonials and case studies
  •  Small class teaching to ensure personal attention
  •  Personalized and family orientated Zi Wei Feng Shui
  •  Reasonable Course Fees


Destiny science versus superstition

Destiny science is often misconstrued and suffers from the social stigma of superstition as a result of the abundance of so called new age, religious and unorthodox methods of fortune telling out there. Some of these even claim to have “personalized secret methods” that could change one’s destiny.

Consider this rationally. What bearings do lucky colors and numbers have on a person’s destiny? Destiny and fortune are structurally complex and cannot be changed by a single element. An overly simplistic application of changing your lucky colors and numbers is in no way able to affect or change your destiny even by a small fraction.

It has come to my attention that there are many self proclaimed fortune tellers in the market that heavily prescribe the use of numbers, colors, auspicious tools and decorative ornaments. These items can be costly foremost and more importantly, superficial as the person is only influenced at the psychological level thinking that these could remedy their lives where in