Corporate Function and Seminar

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Engage Wyson to your corporate function in any sizes of seminars whether a short workshop or a full day seminar. Content of the seminar can be tailored to suits individual needs and requirement.

Seminars and corporate workshop conducted by Wyson includes the enhancement of working atmosphere and increase employee’s sense of belonging to the company or for direct marketing corporations such as insurance company, banks, multi level marketing company and etc, seminars covering on how to increase the successful ratio by targeting the right clients circle.

There are generally 3 types of seminars or corporate workshop

Guidance to an auspicious path in entrepreneurship

This workshop enables entrepreneurs to understand their capability and fortune through the precise Zi Wei Dou Shu chart interpretation, offering guidance in selecting the right path in career or business. Opportunities are always around and entrepreneurs often need to know what are their potential opportunities and the threats and obstacle they may encounter.

Do the right thing, at the right time with the right people

The seminar suits corporation that has multi level agents, sales staff, distributor or direct selling. By knowing one’s destiny and fortune through the precise Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, it offers a guidance to look for the right people at the right time, it then increase the successful rate in achieving a deal.

Personal auspiciousness and get to know about destiny and fortune

This seminar offers orthodox information about human’s destiny and fortune. During the seminar, Wyson will advise simple guidance on how to enhance auspiciousness and to mitigate inauspiciousness. Knowing the destiny structure and fortune is an essential to a successful path.


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