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Zi Wei Feng Shui (紫微风水) is popularly known as “personalized feng shui”. Its theory and philosophy derived from the knowledge structure of zi wei dou shu and the uniqueness of zi wei feng shui is at its personalized effect against individual or a family to gain achievement results in specific areas such as wealth, career, marriage, children, mental, education and etc.

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Our Chinese ancestors have created a complex and structured system of knowledge known as “destiny science”(命理学) to understand a person’s fated events and controllable events in life.

Some people might associate destiny science with fortune telling and in certain areas, they do share similar properties. However, destiny and fortune are completely different elements. Fortune sits on the structure of destiny and fortune can never override destiny. In short, destiny overrules fortune.

The Chinese have a saying

“First, destiny. Second, fortune (luck) and Third, feng shui” (一命,二运,三风水).

In sequential order, the most important element is destiny followed by fortune and lastly Feng Shui. A technological metaphor for this would be “First, hardware. Second, software and Third, user”.

Destiny can be viewed as hardware as it determines the capacity and specifications of the entire structure. Only with the existence of a solid and functional hardware then can only software be created to run within the capacity and specifications of the hardware. Software is a program and content which cannot standalone in function without the structure of the hardware. Fortune is therefore akin to software. Destiny comes before fortune and determines the capacity and full possibilities of fortune.

When the hardware and software is all set, the user then comes in in an important role. Most hardware and software have complex and different sets of functions and the optimum performance of both hardware and software depends on how savvy the user is in manipulating it. In this case, the user is “Feng Shui”. [/expand]

[expand title=”MAGNETIC FIELD THEORY (磁场论) ” rel=”animal-highlander”][singlepic id=62 w=300 h=244 float=right] Earth is a large magnetic field ground and our living sphere is surrounded by an invisible magnetic field force. The human body consist its own magnetic field which is able to integrate with the natural magnetic field on earth.

Our Chinese ancestors knew about the magnetic field and realized it is the source in which destinies are shaped and determined. Every person is born at a time of an intersection in the time-space continuum and the magnetic field force at that specific intersection point will integrate with the person’s body and shape their destiny.

It is precisely based on this understanding of the magnetic field theory that our Chinese ancestors established Feng Shui studies (风水学) and the “Chinese five arts” (中华五术). Back in ancient times when scientic knowledge was largely confined, our Chinese ancestors defined the magnetic field as “Qi” (气) which means energy. Until today, many Feng Shui books still liberally use the term “Qi”.

In summary, to comprehend destiny, you must first understand the correlation of the magnetic field to destiny science. To cause some changes in your destiny, the first step is to understand and knowing the magnetic field theory. This also explains why numbers and colors do not have effects on a person’s destiny as they are not bound to the forces of the magnetic field.

Magnetic influences (磁场影响)

As mentioned before, the human body has its own magnetic field that integrates the person to the surrounding magnetic field. To effect changes on a person’s destiny through external factors, the following criteria must be met.

  1. The frequency of the magnetic field must be in alignment to the human’s body magnetic field
  2. The force of the magnetic field must be equivalent or stronger than human body’s magnetic field
  3. Both magnetic fields must be in sync and always in contact.

There are two variables that can act on and influence a person’s destiny when the above criteria is met

A)     Human
B)     Feng Shui

As mentioned, the human body has its own magnetic field. And when a person is in constant contact with another person, especially with those living under the same roof, their respective magnetic fields will accordingly align, counteract and influence each other’s destiny.

Our environment is surrounded by the magnetic field and every house also has its own magnetic field force. Persons living in the house will be influenced by these magnetic fields.

Up until now, we have covered some of the basic theories of destiny that needs to be understood in order to establish the principles and viewpoints on destiny. The magnetic field theory and how it influences our destiny.[/expand]

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Zi Wei feng shui has been recorded in ancient classic books as early as during the “Qing dynasty” of China. Among all other knowledge of “Destiny” under the Chinese five arts of metaphysics, only Zi Wei Dou Shu and Zi Wei feng shui comes under one main body structure and synchronizing one’s destiny and feng shui to achieve greater results.

Zi Wei Feng Shui has been well known at its “Personalized” effect where most other feng shui study in the market emphasis on general and environment feng shui. Therefore, one must accommodate the house feng shui.In a general perception, human should find a good feng shui house and stay in to achieve enhancement in fortune and destiny. These has basically classfied houses or offices into good and bad category without considering the feng shui compatability for different individual needs. In general, feng shui studies divided into Macro feng shui and Micro feng shui. Most feng shui subject in market focus on macro feng shui which involves landforms and overall strength and quality of the energy in a particular area.  However, does the type of “energy” which concluded by macro feng shui is needed by an individual remains a doubt. Zi Wei feng shui is an orthodox micro feng shui and the essential of the study is its individual analysis againts different feng shui and most importantly is the consequences and effect is specific by the knowledge. For example, this house is good for career and wealth on a person, but is inauspicious for health.

Zi Wei feng shui synchronizes one’s destiny structure, fortune cycle against feng shui methods and remedies, with this applications of feng shui remedies, it will no longer requires a person to accommodate house feng shui but in vice versa where the house feng shui shall accommodate a person’s destiny.[/expand]

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A “yang” property (阳宅) feng shui, by only taking consideration of its general and environment feng shui study, would not cause effect or result to overall people who stay in it. General feng shui method in the market has not synchronize and analysis a person’s destiny structure on the auspicious direction and inauspicious direction prior to establishing judgment on the remedies.

To establish proper and orthodox judgment for an individual feng shui remedies, the concept and core value of feng shui must firstly be identified.[singlepic id=69 w=200 h=59 float=center]

Under the theory of “Yong” born “Ti” (用生体), it is essential to first identify and analysis a person’s destiny structure on what “useful god” direction is required prior to identify the corresponding house direction to achieve specific results.

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